Ever wondered what a company looked like if it specialized in something different? What if a company you would never imagine as anything but itself wasn't? That's what the Companies Re-imagined project strives to create. I want to create beautiful, responsive websites to portray these multi billion dollar giants as an entirely different business. Whether a clothing company specializes in electrical appliances or a smartphone maker is the worlds leading shelf manufacturer.

Hi there!

CRProject here, the designer for this project. I got this what if thought and decided to design some websites to explore what these businesses might be like if they were different.

I'm currently trying to make ends meet and would be grateful if you could consider donating . I would like to release one of these as often as I can and hope to make around $40,000 for transportation costs and equipment upgrades. If you can't donate, help by sharing the link to this page around with anyone you can to help spread the word using #CRProject.

Thanks for checking it out!

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